Friday, October 20, 2017

Casio’s Story

For over twenty years I have had the pleasure of helping people change their bodies.  In attempt to change their bodies, I noticed some people never wanted to give up certain pleasures of life that were holding them back from reaching their true potential. And at that point in my life, I really could put my hands on the true reason why. It wasn’t until 1995, when I realized that my life was going in a downward cycle. I wasn’t happy in the relationship I was in, I wasn’t happy with the job I had, I wasn’t happy with the lifestyle I was living. Over and over, I heard this voice tell me, “You were created to be more then you are, you have a special purpose in life”.
You see, when I was a child my mother would always tell me God had something special for me to do and that while I was in her womb, she had a vision from an angel telling her not to worry about carrying a baby in fear of her diabetes that this baby would be used by God one day. So, was that voice I was hearing from God or a reflection of my conversations with my mother?  Very good question, but yet I knew in my heart and I felt this need to talk to my Heavenly father and ask Him to remove me from the situation I was in and that I would try living His way.
You see, I came to the conclusion I sucked at life. My ways of doing things didn’t lead to peace or happiness. I was searching for true value and purpose of living. I was raised in the church, but I really didn’t have a relationship with Christ. My lifestyle was a reflection of that in everyway. Yes, I would attend church from time to time, but yet, the reasons weren’t from my heart. I would be in church but my mind was somewhere else or paying attention to other people in the audience instead of listening to the pastor. Tradition and making my mother happy were my true reasons why I attended church. Yeah, I loved the Lord, but at that point in my life did I really understand the word “love”? I would say no!!  But that one night in 1995, I made a conscious effort to grow closer to Christ and learn His ways. Now, this journey was still a bumpy ride and I had to crawl before I was able to walk.
As I look back over those early years I truly understand how we have a God that loves you enough to accept you just as you are, but He’ll never leave you the same way. The major details of my life will have to wait for another book. Trust me, I have some stories to share… Another Prodigal Son story for sure.
Ok, in 2001, my mother died from issues that stemmed around her diabetes and, at this time, I was finished with my degree in wellness leadership/exercise science. I was sitting in church and I heard that same familiar voice tell me to look around the room and see how many of my children have hypertension, are over weight, have cancer and are living an unhealthy lifestyle. They have a health message, but why are they not following it?
“I want you to help them understand that I love them and I want you to teach them how to live longer so I can use them for my glory.”  That was it. I was told personally from my Father what He wanted me to do with my life. And it felt so right; I had this sense of completion. What I have come to learn is that you can’t really make a change to your lifestyle until you have truly made a change to your relationship with Christ.

Our God is so and that He accepts us just the way we are, but loves us enough to leave us there.  We just need to have a desire to be use by Him and He’ll do the rest to qualify us for our purpose.  After I accepted Christ into my heart, my path was full of learning experiences and most of them had me in front of people on stage or on local media. I truly believe God used all those experiences as a way to prepare me for what he has in store for me to do.  A friend of mine gave me the nick name “The Body Evangelist” and I really think it matches what God has called me to do. It’s my mission to help people fall in Love with Christ and to understand the value of their health. We can not become an effect soldier for the Lord when we are unhealthy and sick from our own choices.  If we choose to put Christ first and choose to glorify Him with everything we do, He will give us the strength to make healthy choices.  Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
One evening I was watching a TV show about an obese hospital in New York which helps extremely obese people. As I was watching, I viewed a table full of doctors and counselors and trainers talking about each patient, not once did I hear them address the name that can truly heal someone-and that is “Jesus”.
They had patients that have returned to them more than three times. To me, how can they have an effective program if people are returning? Yes, they lose weight while under control, but why couldn’t they empower them with the ability to live at home where all those same stress of life and temptations exist. It’s because they were addressing the behavior of the person and not getting to the root of the issue.
You’ll hear me say this a lot. Change the heart, you’ll change the attitude, thus change the behavior. And I only know of one who could change the Heart! – I know first hand, and maybe you do as well.