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Pregnant and Exercise

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Pregnant women who exercise regularly—burning up to 1,000 calories a week—
deliver bigger, healthier babies. Their newborns weigh about 5% more than those of women who don’t exercise.
Here are some Do’s and Don’t
Do’s :

Always check with your physician before beginning any prenatal exercise program.  The American College of [...]

The Sweetness of Stevia

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The Sweetness of Stevia
by Sabrina Marie
Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Most of us are aware that refined white sugar can take a toll on our body, but a tempting fudge brownie can easily wipe thoughts of minerals and immune systems out of our mind. Refined white sugar makes it more difficult for our bodies [...]

Water During Exercise

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Drink water during your exercise workout to prevent possible dehydration. During
aerobic activities it is not uncommon to experience sweat losses of 1.5 Lbs. per hour.
The human body is over 75% water and our bodies must have water to survive. Going without water for as little as three days can result in death. The problem in [...]

5 Tips for a Great Workout

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Intro:  Are you working hard in the gym and just don’t see the changes you want?  You may be shock to learn that your well-intentioned fitness routines can put the brakes on weight-loss goals.  – Story from Prevention Mag.
1) Don’t: Sacrifice good form for speed

Do: Slow down and stand tall

The results: Burn 50 [...]